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Richard John Cyril Allen

Born: November 1, 1963 Parents: Geoff and Kathleen Allen

Sibling: Robert Allen.

Height: 58".

Marital Status: Married Stacy September 29, 1991. Divorced. Married Lauren Monroe. Children: Laureen Shane born May 20, 1997.

Current Residents: Los Angeles, California

Nicknames: "O.B Oblivion", "Dick", "Bus Head", "The Thunder God".

Education: Left high school to become Def Leppards full time drummer.

Influences: Iam Paice of Deep Purple, Stuart Copeland of the Police, John Bonham, Aerosmith, Guns 'n Roses, Thin Lizzy, Marc Bolan, and INXS.

Favorite Color: Likes every color

Favorite Film: Dances With Wolves

Favorite Actor: Robert Desiderio

Favorite Actress: Judith Light.

Favorite Car: Jeep

Favorite Food: Indian and vegetarian.

Favorite Drink: Water

Equipment: Drum Workshop drums, Zidjian cymbals and sticks, Acupad pads, Forat electronics

Previous Bands: Smokey Blue, Rampant, and The Johnny Kalendar Band

Other Tidbits about Rick:
Answered an ad, 'Leppard Looses Skins', placed in a local paper and set up an audition.

Because he wasn't old enough to sign contracts himself, his dad signed the record deal for him.

15 when he joined Def Leppard.

Lost his left arm, in a car accident, New Year's Eve of 1984.

Although surgeons attempted to reattach the arm, infection set in resulting in amputation.

Determined to get back to drumming again and with the help of a specially engineered drum kit where he uses his left leg in place of the lost arm, he has succeeded.

Now uses a hybrid kit that is part electronic and acoustic.

Played with Mark Mason Project May/June 2000

Co-writer of music for Brink (Disney movie)

Founded the Raven Drum Foundation for handicapped musicians.

Received a Humanitarian Award for RDF in August 2001.